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Chet Manly@ 7:45pm 12-17-2017
When you folks gonna play dem good suck you jackasses....
Tim@ 3:52pm 07-21-2017
Hi Guys - we've had a blast with you the last 2 years in Kimball for the opening weekend. We've got Andy practicing some more tunes so we'll all be ready to rock with you at the Back 40 again this year!
Guy Vanderhoof@ 9:20am 06-01-2016
Are you playing at the Outcasts Show this year? Hope all is well. Looks like you are going strong.
Guy Vanderhoof@ 10:20am 04-19-2015
Look forward to rockin out in Mitchell. Glad you got the gig at the show. Let me know some of the songs you think we could do. Gonna have Rockin' time.
All my best,
BRRR@ 7:30pm 02-25-2015
Thanks Dave!
David Arnson@ 1:33am 02-23-2015
Hi RRR! Got yer cd at 2014s 'instro Summit' in NC... there is a dj here in LA who would definitely play your stuff, 'Stella' on KXLU's 'Stray Pop' show, if you wanted to send yer cd... also Jorge on the podcast 'Radio free Bakersfield'... i neaither case if ya send something, mention that Insect Surfer Dave (me) sent ya !! thanxx for the great and hilarious tunage !!!
Guy Vanderhoof@ 7:38pm 09-02-2014
Hope to catch up will you on September 19, 20. I didn't see any bookings yet for those dates to know where you might be playing. Wolfman, myself, and Jeremiah will be in Mitchell for the Outkasts Show. Let me know where you will be playing. Look forward to seeing you.
Alex@ 6:06am 09-13-2013
Well done guys great sounds
Chema Valbuena@ 4:39am 09-09-2013
Congratulations on your band and luck
I listened to your songs, it would be great to put in Rockin' Therapy Radio.
1750 we average daily listeners. and we can promote your music on our pages, there can be seen
also our Fb profiles with over35,000 followers
this is my mail, if they can send in mp3 and the cover , and a small dossier of the band, do a special promotion

Greetings from Spain

Chema Valbuena
Carl Holloman@ 3:43pm 09-05-2013
Hell of a nice site ya got here fellas!
Keep on a Rawkin'.
Rhonda@ 2:19am 06-16-2013
Meet you all at the Baltic Corner would love to get to know one of you better! Email me if you know which one I'm talking about. Btw I get the lifts for my shoes the 1st week of July. I will have to come see you do your gig (love Elvis).
Corn Doggy@ 3:41pm 05-22-2013
sure had fun up north...would love to jam again...
Mike Fleming@ 11:05am 05-19-2013
Tear it up brahs!
Road Rash@ 12:44pm 04-13-2013
Been missing WAY too many of your gigs- a lot of bad timing this winter. Maybe I "need my eyes checked" :-) Your website stops after next Fri, Apr 19. What's comin' down the road after that?
Dawn Diana@ 9:50am 03-31-2013
Caught your show - first I ever saw of yours at The Chesterfield in Sioux City, IA last night great work!

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