Bruce Duncan@ 10:36pm 03-06-2013
Cool, way too cool. Great sound with loads of energy, just the way God intended Rock & Roll to be.
Annika Barnes@ 10:42pm 08-23-2012
Heyyy how are you guys <3 u guyz
Mark Bailey@ 4:12pm 06-18-2012
Hi Dear!
Carl@ 9:44am 01-07-2012
As a rule don't sign onto these things but you guys are just to Kewl!
Guy Vanderhoof@ 7:21pm 09-12-2011
Hi Slick and guys. Glad you all are doing well, but sorry that you won't be at the Outkasts Kickoff Party on the 23rd so WE can rock out together again this year. Maybe I can catch you at Signatures????? You never know. All my best
Kevin@ 2:08am 08-19-2011
That new bass player kicks ass!
Johnny Kahuna@ 9:54am 07-02-2011
havin a good time learning that bass thing
Sly@ 10:31pm 06-14-2011
Here's to Leo's and the Johnsons back in the day!!! But change is good too!!! Hope to see you guys in Beresford!
JD@ 10:10pm 05-29-2011
Smell it!!
susan@ 3:53pm 04-05-2011
The drummer was one of the best we have ever seen or heard. Cute too.
Kathy Price-the Mom @ 7:20pm 04-04-2011
Love that Drummer!!!!!
Lampostitoes@ 9:56pm 03-13-2011
b. Groovy
Bill Wysuph@ 10:03pm 03-07-2011
Hi Steve,

Back in Brookings, SD you were the Tractrz (sp) you guys were always over to the trailer. Scott Gordon was one of my roommates. Anyway I'm wondering what kind of music do you guys play? Would be cool to hear you guys play sometime. Do you ever get down around the Yankton area?

Hopefully get to see you guys perform sometime this year...


Lauren@ 1:56pm 02-06-2011
omg! i love it... i didnt understand the rawkit part for a while... i think i'll try to talk My mom into letting us see you guys perform.
Andrew@ 8:45am 01-23-2011
thanks for the magnets

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